What is Arts Direct

Your Connection to the Arts

ArtsDirect serves people interested in being connected to the arts, gives arts presenters and community businesses a media system to communicate to arts audiences, and contributes to creating a more vibrant arts community and a stronger local economy.

ArtsDirect gives audiences the information they need to pursue their interests in the arts and enjoy an enhanced arts experience, gives artists and arts presenters the ability to target and personalize their communications and learn more about their audiences, and supports local independent businesses who contribute to the unique character of our community.

What Arts Direct does

The ArtsDirect media system consists of a weekly printed ArtsDirect Calendar providing a complete listing of all current and upcoming events, a website with on-line information and links to on-line information services, and personalized web, email, fax, point of sale, and direct mail services that serve audiences with the specific information they request about events and opportunities related to their interests.

ArtsDirect audiences will receive the weekly ArtsDirect Calendar and can request personalized communications tailored to their interests by providing their name, address, email, phone and fax numbers, and indicating the kind of events, the type of opportunities, and the artists and presenters they would like to be kept informed about.

Artists and arts presenters can get information about the purchase activity and communicate with personalized communications to their current audiences. They can communicate individually with ArtsDirect cardholders selected for their interests or to all of the audiences served by ArtsDirect through the Arts Calendar and website. Presenters determine the audiences they want to reach and the media they want to use.

Quantumideas, in collaboration with community arts organizations, business contributors, and the communities of interest served, will act as the custodian of the interests of the enterprise, the audiences, and the participants and contributors who create and benefit from ArtsDirect.

How Arts Direct is financed

People who purchase an ArtsDirect card for ten dollars can use the card to earn ArtsCredits when they make purchases at participating organizations.

Business contributors and presenting partners can offer ArtsDirect cardholders ten percent or more of the value of their purchases in the form of ArtsCredits. Each ArtsCredit carries a value of one dollar. Arts presenters can also offer ArtsCredits to their buyers so they can learn more about their audiences and their interests. ArtsCredits can be redeemed at arts organizations and participating community businesses.

Fifty percent of the ArtsCredits received by cardholders will be deducted from their accounts. A portion of this will be used to finance ArtsDirect and the remainder will be directed to one or more arts organizations chosen by the cardholder. The cardholder can redeem the remaining fifty-percent at arts organizations and participating community businesses.

ArtsDirect will earn revenue from advertising in the ArtsDirect Calendar and on the website and from business contributors and arts presenters who wish to direct personalized communications to ArtsDirect cardholders who asked to be kept informed.

Signature partners who recognize the value of creating and participating in ArtsDirect will provide the resources required to create and launch the system.

How Arts Direct works for Arts Presenters

Arts presenters can list information about their events and activities in the weekly ArtsDirect Calendar and on the ArtsDirect website at no cost. They can purchase advertising space at a preferred rate and send personalized email, fax, or mail communications to ArtsDirect audiences who ask to be kept informed at cost.

Arts presenters can create their own ways of using ArtsDirect. They can limit their participation to redeeming ArtsCredits. They can offer ArtsCredits all the time so they can learn more about their audiences. They can offer ArtsCredits periodically to show appreciation to their audiences for their continued support, to attract new audiences, or to create offers to stimulate more interest and activity. They can offer ArtsCredits instead of discounts to attract and reward subscribers or new ticket buyers. If they choose to offer ArtsCredits they decide when, to whom and how much they offer. They can also encourage their audiences to contribute ArtsCredits to support their organization.

Arts presenters who offer ArtsCredits can use the information this provides to learn more about their customers, identify new customers, and track the effectiveness of their communication activities and audience response to the opportunities and experiences they offer. The electronic information provided by ArtsDirect can be integrated into their own customer databases or they can integrate their customer information into a consolidated database tailored to their needs and interests by ArtsDirect.

Arts presenters can use their customer knowledge to structure benefits and create offers independently or in collaboration with business contributors and presenting partners.

ArtsCredits are easy to award by arts presenters who use a ticketing service, have a credit card processing terminal, or have access to the internet. ArtsCredits can be redeemed directly by the arts presenter or through services provided by ArtsDirect.

How Arts Direct works for Business Contributors

Community-minded businesses who are interested in contributing to the arts can offer ArtsCredits to their customers. This gives local independent businesses the ability to offer a customer reward program which compares favourably with programs offered by larger enterprises.

Business contributors are listed in the weekly ArtsDirect Calendar and on the ArtsDirect website where they have the opportunity to tell their story and keep audiences informed about special events and opportunities. They receive preferred advertising rates in the ArtsDirect Calendar and can send personalized communications through ArtsDirect to cardholders who expressed an interest in being kept informed.

ArtsDirect will provide the purchase activity of cardholders who do business with them so they can track the results of the opportunities they offer. Their customer knowledge can be used to structure partnerships and create events with arts presenters and other business contributors.

Contributing businesses have the flexibility to award ArtsCredits in different ways and at different levels to reward customers, attract new customers or promote opportunities.

How Arts Direct works for Presenting Partners

Presenting partners who host services provided by ArtsDirect or who contribute to arts presenters can offer ArtsCredits to their customers. Presenting partners can purchase advertising space in the ArtsDirect Calendar at preferred rates and communicate directly to cardholders who indicated an interest in receiving offers that earn ArtsCredits. ArtsDirect will provide presenting partners with the information they need to track activity and revenue generated from offers to ArtsDirect cardholders.

ArtsCredits awarded by presenting partners can only be redeemed at arts organizations or participating business contributors.

How Arts Direct works for Signature Partners

Signature partners can play a significant role as a contributing partner in ArtsDirect. Businesses interested in the opportunity can email ideas@ or call 604-609-ARTS.