Building the Arts Community

A Collaborative Idea

ArtsDirect is a collaborative enterprise of people who are interested in the arts and who want to participate in creating a more vibrant and economically sustainable arts community.

ArtsDirect serves arts patrons who want to receive more information about the arts to allow them to pursue their individual interests and enjoy an enhanced arts experience.

ArtsDirect serves artists and arts presenters who want to learn more about the people who are interested in the arts, communicate with them more easily, and be able to serve their individual interests better.

ArtsDirect serves community businesses that contribute to creating a strong local economy and the unique character of our community.

A Collaborative Idea

An Audience Development Program for the Arts

The Arts will always be with us. They are how we express ourselves, how we connect with one another, and how we come to know who we are. They nourish our lives and our ability to realize our full potential.

But in today’s environment, Arts organizations face a significant challenge: how to create and keep customers in the face of increasing competition and scarce resources. In a world of limitless options, Arts organizations compete not only for a share of their customers income, but also for a share of their time.

To be successful, Arts organizations need to find new and more sophisticated marketing strategies and capabilities, without taking on a huge financial burden.

That’s what ArtsDirect is all about.

An Audience Development Program for the Arts

The Art of Collaboration

Successful collaboration is a creative process that involves articulating our common and individual interests, engages everyone in the appreciative consideration of information and observations that might relate or contribute to our interests to create a context for discussion, encourages the identification, consideration and improvement of ideas that might work in our interests, and seeks agreement on ideas we believe will work to determine what we do and how we do it to turn those ideas into enterprise.

Collaboration involves conversations around interests. Collaborative conversations contribute to the interests of the conversation. Collaborative conversations encourage personal leadership in moving ideas forward or offering ideas that work better. Collaborative conversations engage I the exploration of observations, opinions, and ideas. Collaborative conversations seek creative ways to solve problems and overcome barriers.

Collaborative enterprise involve engaging everyone in the enterprise in collaborative conversation around ideas and decisions related to what to do and how to do it and in the ongoing observation of how well we are doing what we decided and how well it is working to move us forward in the pursuit of our interests.

Successful collaboration requires an attentiveness to our emotional and perceptual barriers and learned behaviours and an ongoing collaboration to continuously learn how we can collaborate better.

Collaboration is a creative art to be learned.

A Conversation about ArtsDirect

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