The future of the arts is secure. The realm of the arts is the realm of creativity, so the arts will survive as long as we do. The arts provide us with the ability to connect with one another, and to know who we are and who we can become. The arts nourish life and our ability to realize our full potential.

The arts have enormous value, particularly as we enter an era that will be shaped increasingly by our ability to create and understand, – an era when ideas are becoming the fuel of the economy, – and when ideas that touch the heart and open the mind become our most valuable product  in reaching forward towards a more civil society. It is even more important that the arts prosper in the future so they can continue to make their invaluable contribution to the quality of our lives.

The arts community is not just the people who create, but the vastly larger group of people who experience, appreciate, and benefit from the creative experience of the artist. The audience is as important as the artist in the cultural life of our society.

In every sector of our economy and society we are being forced to examine the fundamental relationships upon which survival and success depend. Every organization looking to the future is seeking to enrich their relationship with their customers and their audiences.

In the arts world, arts organizations are not only competing for a share of their customer’s income, they are also competing for a share of their time, and their life.

For the arts to prosper, rather than simply survive, it is important for arts organizations to understand what is happening in the marketplace and learn not only how to strengthen and build relationships with the arts community, but to continue to build the arts community itself.

Roger Chilton
The Future of the Arts
Building the Arts Community 1997.09.10